Using Aravis on Visual studio

I have compiled the build file using MSYS2, following the tutorial.
Next, How do I visually verify that aravis can read my camera?
And how should I use the aravis to read the vendor of my camera?

Be greatly appreciated!

Run arv-viewer-0.8.exe and see if your camera is discovered and can receive the image stream.

Why did you have to compile the package? It is already compiled in the respository.

I don’t see any relationship to Visual Studio in what you write.

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction! I am sorry I didn’t make myself clear.
I have installed MSYS2 and typed the following command:
pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-aravis-gst.
(1) My camera (HiKVision) is not found when running the arv-viewer-0.8.exe,it looks like a permission issue. As I know, USB devices permissions may not be sufficient to allow any user to access the USB3 cameras by default. Using ‘aravis.rules’ is a good idea in Linux, But how can I do in Windows10 like this?
(2) I hope to configure Visual Studio to use Aravis. Specifically, on my property pages what should be included in the following sections:

  • Configuration Properties → C/C++ → General → Additional Include Directories
  • Configuration Properties → Linker → General → Additional Library Directories
  • Configuration Properties → Linker → Input → Additional Dependencies
    But I couldn’t find ‘glibconfig.h’ and ‘libaravis-0.8-0.dll’ in any folder associated with Aravis
    Am I missing any steps in using Aravis on Windows 10?

Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t think you can use Visual Studio with mingw toolchain (might be wrong), and I doubt MSVC toolchain can grok mingw packages. Better ask at a mingw forum. Can’t help with USB & Windows (there were some issues at github relatd to that IIRC).