Versioning details

Hi. Can the devs please clarify the library versioning?

The latest tag on github is 0.8.30. This is also what’s currently in Debian.

The “latest documentation” link on the github front page points here: Aravis – 0.10 and that page says “aravis 0.10” and “API version: 0.10” and “library version: 0.9.0”. Would it be correct to assume that this documentation is for a not-yet-released version of aravis, and that API-breaking changes are expected, hence 0.10 and not 0.8?

Thanks much

Hi Dima,

I have added some informations about the version naming:

Unfortunately, the online documentation is built from main. I will try to make it built from the latest stable branch.


Fixed now, the link points to the stable documentation.