Wenglor MLBS115

Hi i cannot locate with lsusb my device.
I am using Ubuntu 20.04 on virtual machine.
I can ping on IP so it is set as network. Is it possible to use aravis or it has to be USB connection.
Thank you very much.


Why are you expecting to find a GigEVision device using lsusb (which lists the USB devices) ?

Well i was trying everything i saw on forum it was about finding first 4 numbers of id…

arv-tools command doesn’t show any device. similar to this Aravis 0.8.29 no gige camera found

How the camera is connected to the machine ?
Is there a firewall ?
What version of Aravis are you using ?
What is the output of arv-tool-0.8 --debug all ?

Camera is connected via ethernet to usb hub.
Tested with or without firewall on both linux VM and windows host PC.

alex@Ubuntu:~$ arv-tool-0.8 --debug all
[14:19:29.376] 🅸 interface> Found 0 USB3Vision device (among 3 USB devices)
[14:19:29.376] 🅸 interface> [GvDiscoverSocket::new] Add interface (
[14:19:29.376] 🅸 interface> [GvDiscoverSocket::new] Add interface (
I think the version is 0.6.

Hi we tested basler camera on native linux not on VM. We see the basler camera in devide list from tools command but not wenglor. It is possible that wenglor is not going to work with aravis. Is my assumption correct ?

What is “ethernet to usb hub”? Wenglor MLBS115 is a GigEVision product, so connect it using cable to LAN first (without any usb in-between) to see if you can find the device via broadcast. If it does not work, try with their own software, that way you can figure out what is going on or have support from the manufacturer.

sorry i didn’t clarify, there is connection with camera I can use wenglor software as well as ping it through device. what I am trying to do is establish connection through aravis so I can stream images and camera info to ros. and the arv-tool doesn’t seem to recognize the camer