How to start two arvgvfakecamera?

Hi, can I start two arvgvfakecamera in one IP address ? Or How can I support two streams in one arvgvfakecamera at the sametime ?

I noticed it allow to instantiate several gvfakecamera since the version of aravis0.7.1, the summary of the changes as below:
fakecamera: allow to instantiate several gvfakecamera (Emmanuel)

Actually, I want to transmit two video stream at the sametime in on IP address device. But I can’t open two gvfakecamera at the sametime.


It is not possible to have two ArvGvFakeCamera instances listening on the same IP address, as they use the same incoming port. But you can configure your machine to have several IP adresses (several interfaces), then assign a different interface to each fake camera instances.



Thanks. Is it possible to have two gvsp video streams on one fake camera?

It is possible with respect to the standard, but not implemented in aravis.



Hi, emmanuel

Thanks for response. You said that we can configure our machine to have several IP adresses. How can I configure it to have serveral IP?

Should I install another more physical hardware on my machine?

Or just use ifconfig to configure the machine ?

And then, I try to use ifconfig to configrue have another more IP addresses, like this: ifconfig eth0:1 up

But I use the aravis-arv-fake-gv-camera-0.8 to open the second gvfake, it also errors. The details as below:

root@ck-virtual-machine:/home/ck/working/IndustryCameraSdk/aravis-0.7/aravis-bin/bin# ./arv-fake-gv-camera-0.8 -i eth0:1 -s GV12 -d all
GVSP address =
GVCP address =
Global discovery address =
Subnet discovery address =
Failed to bind socket: Error binding to address: Address already in use
Failed to start camera

ifconfig should work, you don’t need a physical interface.

There was a commit that was specifically for this issue: global discovery socket needs to be marked SO_REUSEPORT to allow by highperformancecoder · Pull Request #276 · AravisProject/aravis · GitHub

Do you use aravis master ?

Could you open a bug report, explaining how you are configuring the interfaces. Please run your tests with -d all:3 .



Yes, ifconfig is work, but we should configure a new broadcast address.
If our physical interface is wlan0, ip is, and broadcast is, and then we should use ifconfig to confgure a new fake interface as below:
ifconfig wlan0:1 brodcast up

and then, we can create two arv-fake-gv-camera as below:
./arv-fake-gv-camera-0.8 -i wlan0 -s gv1
./arv-fake-gv-camera-0.8 -i wlan0:1 -s gv2