About arv gc feature node is available

Hi, Emmanuel.

I used Hikvision’s gige camera for testing. The test found that under the same node visibility, there are certain differences between the property tree displayed by my program and that displayed by the Hikvision client.

The main problem is that under the item “chunk data control”, the Hikvision client only displays one feature node, but my client displays more, as shown in the picture.

The following is the error message printed in my program.

I guess the reason may be related to arv_gc_feature_node_is_available. These nodes should be unavailable but return available.

Also I have attached the xml file of this camera.
Hikrobot_GigE_Vision_1_V3_4_18.zip (88.0 KB)

Thank you!

Which chunk data you think is not available ?

Regarding the errors, I suspect a misuse of the Aravis API. Chunk data can only be accessed through a stream buffer. Did you have a look at https://github.com/AravisProject/aravis-c-examples/blob/main/05-chunk-parser.c ?

Hi, Emmanuel.

I used 3 other gige clients for testing. Only one feature node under the “chunk data control” entry is “chunkmodeactive”. These clients indicate that other feature nodes are not available.
But using aravis shows more feature nodes besides “chunkmodeactive”.

In the code, I first used arv_gc_feature_node_is_available to determine whether the feature node is available. If the result is unavailable, it will not be displayed.

That’s why I speculate like this.