Error using Teledyne FLIR camera with aravissrc plugin


I have a Teledyne FLIR a38 camera with a GigE support. I am trying to stream images from the camera using aravissrc plugin as part of gstreamer pipeline.

gstreamer test-cmd:
gst-launch-1.0 aravissrc ! video/x-raw, format=GRAY8, width=320, height=240, framerate=60/1 ! fakesink

I am getting following error:

aravissrc gstaravis.c:402:gst_aravis_set_caps:e[00m error: Could not set caps on camera “”: [OffsetX] [pOffsetXReg] GigEVision write_register error (write-protect)

I have also tried to obtain streams on arv-viewer-0.8, but I don’t get any image streams except a blank screen. But I do see GVSP and GVCP packets being sent across from the camera with debug flags enabled for aravis. I have attached the log file with debug flags enabled and the genicam features dump obtained from arv-tool.

Any pointers on resolving this issue would be beneficial.

Best Regards,
a38_genicam.txt (316.5 KB)
gstlog.txt (6.2 MB)


Please open a bug report on github. The OffsetX feature is read only on your device, which is probably not supported correctly by Aravis.